Rug made by prisoners in Huanuco


We will have a free draw on Dec 15 for this rug.

Please come join us at the church on Sunday (Mass @2pm) or Thursday (Praise starts at 7:30pm) give a donation for Peru and get a free draw ticket.

For those far away who can’t come to the church, use the Donation button on our site and just put in the comments box you want to support Peru mission.


from Diane Coutu
date Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 7:59 PM

The Wall Hanging: 5×31/2 feet

When we were on mission in Peru in August of this year we visited the prison in Huanuco.
We found some of the prisoners working on rugs. There was an artist there and he trained some to do this beautiful work. They would hook the rugs, trim them and in the end would brush them and they would become very soft.

This rug is of wonderful colorful jungle animals that you would find in Tingo Maria, just a couple of hours away. Children would love it. A great Christmas gift as well!

Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 1:07 PM

Maria Palomino wrote:
We paid for the rug US$100.  This is in Peru where labour is cheap and in a jail where labour is even cheaper.  There are many hours of work, hope, faith and love in the rug and that gives the rug its real value.  Done in a jail by interns that have no other mean to raise a bit of money for basic needs (soap, phone calls, tooth paste, food, etc.).  Would be great to recuperate at least that so we can use it in turn to continue blessing people that are in the vicious circle of poverty.  The colors are bright with animals from the Peruvian jungle.

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