PERU: Camp of Faith and Prayer (February 18-21, 2010)


From: maria palomino

Hello from Peru!
Pictures speak better than words so here they are.
This time 8 people from "Las Columnas" joined the "Camp of Faith and Prayer". We were 10 people in a taxi, including the driver, myself and all the back packs. You can imagine the situation. As we say in Peru, we were as sardines in a can. My plan was to just take 5 kids but God’s plan was 9 (including me).

At the beginning the kids were taking showers 4-5 times a day. Only if we know "Las Columnas", with the only 3 decent showers recently done by LJH, being shared by more than 100 people, we can sympathize with their desperation to take so many showers a day. The Camp was a 5 ***** for them. They felt free and safe. At times they drove me crazy but day after day their behaviour improved. Everything was beautiful for them (games, garden, food, music) and each one of them experienced the love of God.

At the end in our way back to "las Columnas" (1.5 hours by car) they were singing, blessing the taxi driver and people in the streets. They entered "Las Columnas" singing, and even a group of people that were drinking in front of their homes felt embarrassed.

They are back to a place were there is violence, alcoholism, drugs, abuse and danger but the seed of God’s word has been planted.
Last night I was for about 3 hours at las Columnas. The ones that went to the Camp and some of the other kids joined the group. We sang and shared some Bible readings and each of the kids that went to the Camp, shared their experience. The testimony of one of the boys was powerful. He said he was not ashamed to talk about Jesus even if he gets hurt. This is amazing considering that this kid was known as strange and shy. This was understandable when we learned he lived in dysfunctional homes all his life, suffering physical and mental abuse. No psychologist would have accomplished this change in such a short time.

All of these kids were very wounded when they arrived at the Camp but God’s love touched each one of them in a very gentle but powerful way with His Holy Spirit.

Please, pray for protection of the seeds planted in their hearts, so they can grow strong and be like seeds that fell on the good ground, growing strong in the Word of God and bearing much fruit in its season. Also pray for me to continue the watering, even once a week until I return to Ottawa.

love in Christ,

One Response to “PERU: Camp of Faith and Prayer (February 18-21, 2010)”

  1. Donna Daly Says:


    It is indeed wonderful to see the miraculous joy of the Lord in the faces of some of the world’s poorest people.

    They seem to get it. Acceptance of God, His miracles and His undying love for all of us is written so clearly in the faces of these angelic people of Peru. These people are truly the real rich of society. They don’t complicate God — most of the rest of us do.

    If people in Peru need something — they ask God. They don’t complicate it. There does not seem to be the poverty of spirit among them which seems so pervasive in almost every so-called wealthy and educated society.

    God isn’t complicated. We are. We get in His way constantly. Fear, doubt, jealousy, greed, dishonesty and all the rest of such nonsense get in the way of letting God just simply flow through us. He is a gentle — He always knocks before He enters — He rarely ever forces His way in.

    I am currently going through some deep inner healing and some very profound and painful and positive changes in myself. I find myself praying for acceptance of people, places, things, situations and institutions just as they are at this very moment. Nothing, but nothing on God’s earth at this moment is a mistake. He is absolutely in charge at every single moment. When I pray for acceptance, I find out that God works everything out for me and everyone else just as long as I get out of His way — I simply do the footwork or tasks in front of me and God takes care of the rest.

    Letting go and letting God is happiness — the people of Peru get it so naturally because they have a child-like faith in God and they have no doubts.

    I wonder who really is more educated or wealthy – I think God’s people in Peru are. We all could learn so much about love, faith and gratitude from these beautiful angels of God.

    God bless all.

    Donna Daly.

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