Pro-life Mass at Holy Cross Parish



The Holy Catholic Church has been continually teaching us, and Common Sense agrees, that abortion is the gravest crime of modern society! But Mother Church is ever ready to provide healing and peace and to point to the solutions. John Paul II and our modern Popes have called for CONVERSION from the culture of death to the Culture of Life.

Our continuing Pilgrimage of Masses provides us all with opportunities to focus on this ONGOING conversion of each one of us, not just “those out there” but also “the person in the mirror”. Thus you and I will be able to awake each morning and “report for duty” in the Vineyard of God our Father with the words of Samuel on our lips and in our hearts: “Here I am Lord (I have come to do your will)!”

In paragraph 88 of Pope John Paul ll’s “Evangelium Vitae”, he recommends the establishment of “Pro-Life Centres.” These will help to reduce the threat to Life throughout its spectrum. There are Pro-Life Centres in the USA ( Washington DC and New York ), but we need to focus anew on this prophetic call of the late Pontiff. This “focus” necessarily begins with prayer (Come Holy Spirit) and study before the work begins. So opening Pro-Life Centres for Ottawa and other cities of the world are not easy targets!


The Mass intentions, therefore, will be:

(1)   Conversion from the culture of death to The Culture of Life

(2)   The end of abortion worldwide

(3)   Opening of Pro-Life Centres in all cities of the world, including Ottawa

Next stop in the Pilgrimage

Holy Cross Parish, 685 Walkley Road on Saturday, Nov. 6, 10 am

Confessions before Mass and Refreshments afterwards supplied by the Queenship of Mary Community


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