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News from Peru – Maria (March 20, 2011)

March 20, 2011

News from Peru – Maria (March 20, 2011)

It was great to have Pierre, Emilie and Simon in Peru. Pierre will probably share about his experience at his return to Ottawa. They are now in Chile.

Here is something that might encourage your faith. The day before Pierre’s arrival, I had to meet someone from “Las Columnas” at Miraflores. Somehow we didn’t connect and I had to take a cab to downtown Lima. I don’t remember what I said to the driver but he ended sharing he was going to take his life that day. After he parked his car, I listened to him and shared what God put in my heart; the man was in tears. He ended repenting and receiving Jesus in his heart. He said he had felt the presence of God! I started to tremble myself…what an experience! In the end, he did not charge me anything and on top of that he couldn’t stop thanking me. Strange – I could have taken another cab and I might not have been ready to share what I shared, etc, etc. I was able to do it and to be used by God only because of all what I have lived to this day. Another time, I was sad because I did not have time to visit two sisters (one of them blind) I had been praying for (too far to go and too late to go already) so I went for a walk. Well, guess what, I met them at the park where I had gone for a walk. They had gone to visit a family member and decided to go out to buy an ice cream at the moment I was passing by that park and there we met. We did not care about the people around us. We held hands and gave glory to God. There are so many things happening everyday that I know it is the living God in His mercy and compassion for His children. I used to feel insecure to just pray by myself and thought God was being manifest because of the other person that was praying with me. Now, I just know the One that prays with me is Jesus and I accompany Him. What an honour and a joy!

Last night 3 kids that were not able to come to the Camp of Faith and Prayer in February, accepted Jesus in their hearts: two girls (9 and 11 years old) and a boy call “Angelito” (little angel; he is 7). One of these girl lives with her grandmother (her father and mother abandoned her at an early age), the other girl was so happy after she received Jesus, that she gave me a little toy that was very valuable to her. Angelito was amazed watching the two girls in tears and hugging me. I asked him if he wanted to receive Jesus. He said no because he didn’t want to cry. So he left, but after few minutes, he returned and said he really wanted to have Jesus. Of course, he ended up crying. He takes care of his blind mom. I only learned that she was blind recently, when I became curious about this child that was always trying to call my attention and told me he creates songs for God. Pierre must remember him because there was one day we went with the kids to a park and Angelito sat with us and sang a song to God that was his own creation. These kids are so wounded, many times by their own parents but also have the innocence that allow them to receive the living God in a way most people can’t.

Here are some pictures of Pierre walking in the middle of water (it is not the Jordan by the way). In a green field “picking up the harvest”, etc. There was no helicopter but they tried the Peruvian moto-taxi and we had lots of fun. It was good for the spirit!

“Chalice” mission is coming tomorrow (over 30 people!). There is lots of love in the work they do. I’ll be travelling with them to the north of Peru for a few days and then back to Canada. I heard there was a fire near my place in Ottawa. Time to be back.


Painting reassuring us that the Cross prevails and the harvest (us) has the power through Jesus Christ to fight Satan

March 18, 2011

Mar 26/11 – LJH Ladies’ Breakfast. Gemma O’Sullivan. 9:30 AM to noon. Let it Be Done to Me According to Thy Word

March 16, 2011

Hi ladies, and men who have ladies in their lives,

Lift Jesus Higher is having another Ladies’ Breakfast on the last Saturday of the month, March 26, 2011. You are welcome to join us.

PS. Next month, we gather on April 30. More info to follow

Be blessed.


  Ladies’ Breakfast 

Saturday March 26, 2011

Gemma O’Sullivan

Let it Be Done to Me According to Thy Word

Luke 1:38


RSVP appreciated: Linda Holmes

Where: 518 Donald Street near St. Laurent

(basement of St. Ignatius Parish – enter by most eastern door in parking lot)

Time: 9:30 am to noon

Cost: Freewill Offering

Come and enjoy some fellowship

Breakfast: Continental (yogurt, cereal, fruit, muffins, coffee and tea, milk and juice)


Invitation to join us Good Friday

March 16, 2011

Good Friday to meet at St. Margaret Mary Church (Vanier)at 11:45,
finishing at City Church in Vanier

All Invited to Traditional Bison Feast supporting Kateri Native Ministries

March 16, 2011

Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa

310-211 Bronson Ave

Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5


Email: kateri

March 15, 2011

I write to you today asking for your support in helping First Nations, Métis and Inuit people to reconnect with the land. They believe that everything is interconnected and that the land, trees, sky, animals and water are part of the whole and are central to healing wounded bodies and spirits. Naategama or Peaceful Waters is a 230 acre property owned by the Archdiocese of Ottawa and entrusted exclusively for the use of Kateri Native Ministry. Located on the Ottawa River near the Quyon Ferry Landing, the property was donated to the Archdiocese in the late 1950s for a children’s summer camp. Later, it became known as Camp Echon. Under the direction of Kateri Native Ministry, Naategama has been used for Aboriginal youth retreats by Sagamok and Pikwàkanagàn First Nations. It has been the site for Elders retreats, community workshops, and family reunions of Indian Residential School Survivors.

Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa is moving forward with plans to improve the facilities by installing a floating dock to allow better access to the water for canoeing and swimming. In the long term, we would like to upgradewashroom amenities, construct a sweat lodge and continue with plans for a more permanent healing and training centre.

Kateri receives no government funding and relies entirely upon the generosity of benefactors like you. A traditional bison feast will be held March 25, 2011 in Mac Hall, Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave., Ottawa, ON, in support of improvement on the land. Tickets are $50 each or a table of eight tickets can be purchased for $425. Guest speaker Viola Thomas will speak on the importance of the land in native culture.

Tickets can be purchased at using the ‘Buy Now’ button or by cheque made payable to “Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa” and mailed to: 310-211 Bronson Ave., Ottawa ON K1R 6H5. Tickets will be delivered to the address provided.

Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa is a Catholic lay ministry registered as a non-profit charitable organization. It is committed to the healing and reconciliation of Aboriginal people under the guidance of the Archdiocese of Ottawa. The Ministry provides spiritual and corporal works of mercy through the blending of Christian spirituality and Native traditions and culture. Your support of Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

John Corston

Executive Director

Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa

Maria – latest from Peru (March 5, 2011)

March 6, 2011

We are part of the same Body of Christ

I’ve just finished talking with Lucille through Skype. I was glad she couldn’t see me because I am wearing one of Mike’s t-shirts he left for the poor (…I needed it). I contacted her after reading her e-mail where she says:

“Nicolas really misses the people in Peru. I don’t know what got into him last night, but he was crying saying he missed all his friends. He said he got close to people in just a few days. Here it takes very long to get to know people.”

Well, last night I took my 90 year old mom to the movie (“The King’s Speech”) and after that we had the best hamburger of the world (“good for the stomach”). We went to a place where Lucille, Mike and Coco had gone with me for ice cream not long ago. At that time Coco shared his ice cream with a street kid. Somehow food is nicer when we share. I thought of them and wished they were still in Peru, enjoying that nice hamburger with us. I felt a bit sad they were not with us. They came from so far away and did not go to Cusco or even Huanuco or to the places tourists usually go. I was still thinking of them and woke up at night and asked God to bless them in the little I was able to offer. Isn’t this amazing? Coco was sensitive to my feeling at the restaurant and subsequent prayer. We are part of the same precious Body of Christ no matter the distance and what happens in one of the members affects the whole body!

Julio, the ex-street kid I met when he was only 11, contacted me recently. He is now 23 years old. Still selling candies, but so good with people that he is quiet successful. He lives in a shanty town where he has built a small wooden house and has a stove, a fridge, and even a TV! He works from 7 am to 11 pm with breaks for his meals. Still playing football and in excellent shape.

The times he used to sleep on cardboard in the streets are gone, also the difficult years when he tried drugs, alcohol and used to lie to me (but not to God). He has even taken me for dinner and did not let me pay (Chinese meal). Is this the Julio that drove me crazy to the point that I used to tell him, “even if I get tired of you, Jesus will never give up”. He blesses people in the name of Jesus when he sells his candies and knows by experience about the power there is in the living Word of God. That is the Jesus he preaches, the Jesus that never gave up on him, and God uses him. Julio is one of today’s harvest. What a privilege to see this kid that could had been dead so many times, so full of the joy of the Lord.

This past Monday Julio accompanied me to Las Columnas and shared his story with the kids. It was so funny when a 12 year old (skinny kid) asked Julio for advice on what to eat to get muscles. After that, some of the kids, Julio and I went to a place a few blocks from Las Columnas where they could play football. There was a group of older kids in their 20s that accepted to play with my kids and guess what, the kids of las Columnas (under 14 except for Julio) won the game. The ones that were watching (including me) were cheering, jumping and enjoying this game so much.

Well, now I am thinking in my dear friend Pierre and his daughter Emilie, soon coming for the third time to Peru. For Simon it will be his first time. I am remembering when in one of our missions (in Huanuco) Pierre said something I will never forget. Imagine the scenery, lines of people hoping to receive prayer in the park in front of the church and Pierre looks at me and says, “Maria, they think we are missionaries and we are just a bunch of nobodies” ….it is great to be just simple people with the desire to serve God not thinking we are in any higher level but rejoicing in serving and living in the joy of the Lord.