Maria in Peru! (July 18, 2011)


Some thoughts from Maria

I am in Peru. It is around 5 am. I will soon be travelling to Huangascar, high up in the mountains. I won’t be able to communicate from there….no phone or internet, just the stars and closer to God!
A few days before my trip I received a very strong message from God that touched me deeply. That same day at St. Patrick’s noon Mass the gospel was the same thing I had received. This is not something I would have chosen to do at this time when I could have been at the cottage swimming in the lake, but how can you resist when you know it is the Lord and not my own desire or convenience…I found a cheap flight to Peru (in the middle of high season) and I ended up in the mission field sooner than expected. The Word was:

"If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple" Many things have happened in just a few days confirming God wanted me here today. I am not a good writer, I spend very little time at the computer…the place where I’m going today has no computers, even a phone is a luxury…I love to be hidden where the power of God is manifest.

Just before coming to Peru I visited Fr. Joe Kane, that holy man that spent the great part of his life working with the poor in a shanty town in Lima. He has the expression of a child that can only come from prayer and obedience to God. I couldn’t stop crying. He held my hand, and took me to the chapel of the hospital where he is staying and we both sang in Spanish, the language of the heart…did you know that some things you can only say in Spanish or…in silence. On the flight Ottawa-Toronto I ended up sitting next to a woman that had a 7-month old baby. She was muslim and the name of the baby was Isa (Jesus in Arabic, that is what she said). Time was short for the sharing we had. She was a teacher and her thesis had been comparing some issues of Judaism, Islamism and Christianity. She knew well the Bible…but I knew Jesus.

I did not ask anyone to wait for me at the airport in Lima. I took the first taxi I found. The taxi driver ended up being Christian. His business card says "there is nothing impossible for God".

I’ve been spending time with a person who had a heart operation last week. I was amazed when he said the only explanation for him being alive was that God is giving him a chance to do few things before he goes. He wants to get together with me to talk about this (?) Strange, in the past he was always busy in conferences, trips, and making money.

So much more to share but it is so early, I’m still sleepy and have to travel soon. Don´t know when I can get in touch again.


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