Discernment Meeting Highlights January 5, 2013


Reviewed the highlights of Dec. 8, 2012 meeting specially the attacks by the evil-one specifically sickness, Bishop’s ignorance of our move.

I had two dreams:

1. In the dream I was putting on a brand-new roof on three houses.

Interpretation: Roof represents covering, protection physical and/or spiritual

The three houses I believe represents the three communities LJH, St. Philip and St. Claire. There is a need for spiritual covering for these communities.

2. Prince George BC. Through human sinfulness, through sexual abuse the Oblates lost considerable money and resources in this part of BC.

In the dream I was returning to teach in a brand-new school in this city.

Interpretation: As we repent and return to the Lord he forgives our sins and we find spiritual and physical restoration.

God sometimes only shows a beginning (a small segment) of the road we must take. We have to walk by faith not by sight.

Need to discover who we are, individually and collectively and discover how God wants us live our lives.

Are we investing ourselves into God’s Kingdom and into our Intimate relationship with God?

To spend time with God is to be close to the powerhouse.

Perfecting our Love, Service in Humility.

The objective is not projects or buildings but God himself. (Be, not Do)

We are not the ones that going to make things happen. God will make things happen.

Christian Leader = Servant

Seek intimacy with God.

Loving God is to do His will and develop intimate relationship with Him.

Prophetic Art (Diane) : Whirlwind, Fire of the Holy Spirit both in the air and at the bottom of well.

1 2 3 4 on the table. God and Man At Table Are Sat Down (song)

Our Vision for 2013 : Make our (my) heart(s) a dwelling place for God.

Luke 1: 17

Theme Song for 2013:


Make my heart Your dwelling place,

A temple just for You;

A consecrated resting place,

A vessel ever true,

Make my heart a fire,

With a brightness of your Son,

Make my heart a dwelling place,

For the Holy One.

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