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September 16, 2014

These are born of the Fire and Fusion conference. Please know that you may see different messages and that is well and good.
"Dove of Blessing" oil on canvas approximately 3×3 1/2 feet
On the Last day of the conference
The pouring out of the blessing upon us. It is full if rich thick paint denoting the richness of the prayer and blessing. The Dove is dropping blessings and Grace into the overflowing nest which then pours out to others.

"Windows thrown open" Oil on canvas approx 3x4feet on
This painting began as squares, then shutters were added. The insides came later and revealed to me the different gifts each denomination or person has to offer and they are spilling out onto each other. Mateo Calesi then confirmed that in the talk that followed.

" 3 Doves of Unity and Joy" stapprox 24×30 inches. Ink on yupo
This painting came before during intercession for the conference. It showed 3 diverse dives converging joyfully as they built a new foundation together (pink) (joy). Each dove has many colours in many different places showing that even to the very tips of the wings indicating how gifts are spread all over sometimes in the most unsuspecting places in ourselves and our communities
This painting was an encouraging and confirming Word for the conference.

"Three feathers from Dropped" approx. 3x4feet
Oil on canvas.
This painting began with pink (joy and blessing) and yellow ( glory). Then the color green was given. Later a feather shape developed. The Word. The Lord dropped a feather of the Holy Spirit on our conference. The next session a feather of Passion, our passion and the Lord’s together. Then the gold/ silver feather dripping. Gold Divine Glory. The painting was also scattered with gold showing the final blessing over it all. The Lord’s confirmation.

By Diane Coutu