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Mission Peru 2015 – Please sponsor Diane & Maia

May 26, 2015

Mission Peru 2015: To the ends of the earth….


Miguel Angel and Angelica

(my godchildren)

We receive far more than we give!

Acts 1:8 11 years of mission!July 16-28, 2015

Dear friends:

My name is Diane Coutu. I hope to be travelling to Peru on mission there this summer. Maia Alexander will be travelling with the team as well. Claire Schultz is entrusting Maia with me, Father Bob and our wonderful team. This will be Maia’s first mission trip!

Fr. Bob Poole as our spiritual director and Maria Polomino are our experienced leaders over the past ten years. We joyfully join with St. Philip’s and St. Clare’s parish in God’s great adventure.

This mission to Peru will position me as “second mother” in real time to Maia as we venture forth to serve the Lord and minister together.

The team will be sharing our faith, love and provision with the underprivileged of Lima and Huangascar, Huánuco. We are privileged to love, feed, teach and bless those in need who cross our path.

We land in Lima Peru home of Los Columnos and LJH Peru mission site. Then we are off to Huánuco. There we will be running a camp of Faith for children from July 22-25 for children who normally have a chance to go to camp. There they are loved and cared for as we grow in faith together. Art touches the heart when often other methods fail. Maia and I will share our gifts with the team as we praise God together!

We ask for your financial support so that we may continue to bring God’s love and hope as well as very practical needs of food and clothing and shelter to God’s children and particularly those in the most need.

We particularly need your prayers for our safety and protection as we minister and travel in demanding and often unpredictable circumstances.

Receipts are available if donations are made in our names through Lift Jesus Higher Peru mission as we are a non-profit organization.

Enclosed is a character letter from Father Bob.

We hope to share your generosity in as many ways as possible!

Please include the mission in your prayers for protection, provision and Divine appointments.

Thank you for your prayers as well as your generosity in making it all possible.


Diane Coutu

Maia Alexander

A letter of endorsement from my pastor, Fr. Robert Poole:

I am writing to endorse Diane Coutu, who is seeking funding for her upcoming trip to Peru with Lift Jesus Higher, of which I am the current director. For the last 10 years, our community has sent a team of people to Peru to undertake a twofold work: firstly to bring to the people of Peru, especially the poorest, the good news of God’s love and care for them, and secondarily, to show that love and care in practical ways by gifts of money, clothing, and shoes. In 2006 we undertook a project of building a soup-kitchen for the children of a shanty town in Huánuco, the poorest region in Peru and saw it to completion in 2008. We continue to support other projects like this one, focusing on their eventual self-sufficiency.

I am happy to recommend Diane to you. She is a regular member of our community, who gives invaluable help in many ways to our ministry.

I thank you for all the help which you are able to give her.

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Robert Poole, Director, Lift Jesus Higher.

*Original letter signed by Fr. Robert Poole.

Lift Jesus Higher, P.O. Box 7111, Ottawa, ON, K1L 8E2