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Letter from Father Bob 2018

January 23, 2018

8th January 2018

Dear friend and benefactor,

Firstly, be assured of my prayers and best wishes for you in the year ahead.

It has been a very exciting year for us all at Lift Jesus Higher! We were celebrating our 20th anniversary. Twenty years since we moved to our first base at the church of Notre Dame de Saint Esprit in Vanier!

We marked this anniversary with three major events. Firstly, in June we had a Barbecue and Outreach at St Louis Marie de Montfort, which was slightly overshadowed by some bad weather which meant we had to move the whole event indoors. But we had a great time nonetheless! In July we had an outdoor Mass and Barbecue, hosted by Steve and Cathy Hyde in her parents’ cottage on Lac Clair, near Val-des-Monts. This time, the weather behaved itself and we were able to enjoy the chance to venture out on the lake, or simply enjoy fellowshipping together lakeside.

Finally, we marked our anniversary with a Mass and dinner at St Philip’s parish in Richmond, where I am the current pastor. The Mass was presided over by Bishop Christian Riesbeck, and the dinner was catered by the Knights of Columbus organization of the parish. About 60 people attended the event, friends past and present came together, and Steve Varga prepared a slide presentation of the many activities Lift Jesus Higher have been involved in over the last 20 years. We also provided a time line of the major events in our history, which we invited people to add to.

This last event was something of a preview of coming attractions, as at the beginning of October, the Oasis prayer group at Lift Jesus Higher moved its location to join with the St Philip’s prayer group on Thursday evenings.This proved such a successful transition, that I petitioned Archbishop Prendergast to allow Lift Jesus Higher to move its 12:30pm Sunday Mass to St Philip’s also. The archbishop gave his permission, and on Sunday January 7th, 2018, we celebrated our first Sunday Mass in Richmond. The Grand Knight of the St Philip’s Council officially welcomed us to St Philip’s along with a representative of the Catholic Women’s League.

Lift Jesus Higher has always considered itself as something of a "nomadic" community, and over the course of our twenty year history, we have moved a number of times. The Lord wants us to remember that we have always to be dependent on Him, and responsive to His word. Like the Israelites crossing the desert en route from Egypt to the Promised Land, we need to be ready to "fold up our tents" and move on to the next place the Lord is leading us to discover.

In February we held our latest Peru mission. We had to change our usual summer date to allow our Director of Mission, Maria Palomino, to recover from serious health issues. She was able to join the four other members of the mission team, as we took a number of young people from our three mission projects to a Youth Faith Camp not far from Canete, a couple of hours outside Lima. At the end of the camp, we held a day retreat for the children of the three projects. We then travelled to Huanuco, to meet the new bishop there, who welcomed us warmly and assured us of his support to continue our outreach to the poor of his diocese. We were shown around a new hospital that has just been built for the poor in the city of Huanuco, as well as a center for the blind nearby. We were able to make donations to these places, as well as to help provide material support for many disadvantaged people in our three projects. We are trying to provide moral and spiritual support for the young people there, who face many dangers and temptations because of their poverty, temptations to alcoholism, crime, violence, prostitution etc.

We are still working with the pastors and churches of other Christian denominations to build relationships of trust and co-operation under the banner of our "Fire and Fusion" movement. We are currently planning a Revival Night on Friday February 9th at West Ottawa Christian Community in Carp, and a March event with Steven Fatow, a charismatic Messianic Jewish pastor and revivalist.

I say it each year, and I say it again, because it is true. None of this would be possible without the continued support of your prayers and financial contributions. I am deeply thankful for such support and I know that, as you bless us, Our Lord will also be blessing you.

May you experience the favor of the Lord in the year ahead!!

Many blessings

Fr Bob Poole

blessing you.

May you experience the favor of the Lord in the year ahead!!

Many blessings

Fr Bob Poole