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God of Surprises

May 6, 2010

I really thought that yesterday’s blog would be my last for this mission. But an amazing God-incidence happened to myself and Maria yesterday and I thought I would share it with you, as another example of God continuing to “unfold” the day for us..

As you know, Maria and I had decided to remain behind while the rest of the team went to Macchu Picchu. We were just strolling around the main square of Cusco, doing some shopping and sight seeing and relaxing. Maria had the idea of taking me to see the ancient church of Saint Blaise , the patron saint of throat diseases, because there is an amazing pulpit there dating back 400 years which is constructed of wood and metal and took 30 years to finish. It has some 1200 separate parts and some amazingly delicate and intricate sculpting of angels, saints,great Catholic philosophers , and , wait for it, Protestant reformers such as John Calvin and Martin Luther !!The work is so unique and fabulous that people come from all over the world just to see this pulpit. The Spanish conquerors of Cusco, who had commissioned the work, in order to make sure that the sculptor would not be able to copy his masterpiece in some other church, had him killed !!There is a skull integrated into the pulpit, and legend has it that this is the skull of the unfortunate scultor ! But that is not the amazing God part of this story…

The church is situated in “artists Corner”, a courtyard containing a myriad galleries and little shops . As we strolled around after visiting St Blaise’s church, we saw a sign advertising “The Meeting Place” cafe, so we went in. We were surprised and delighted to meet Keller, one of the translaters we used during our clinic time at La Fuente. With him were a young English couple who were helping out at the cafe. They had to close soon after we arrived, as they were going to run an after school project outside of Cusco.

We returned to the cafe today and met Roland, another English guy, who with his wife , ran the cafe and hosted an English speaking house fellowship on Sunday evenings in that very cafe. We also met the pastor of that fellowship, a guy from Texas called Joel, who knew all about the places we had been ministering at in Cusco, and who in fact was co ordinating another medical mission to the orphanage of Casa de Aguila where we ministered last Sunday . He ws full of questions as to what equipment and medications he needed to bring, and we were delighted to share our experience of our ministry there. Before we left, we had lunch and were invited by Joel to their fellowship’s bible study tonight. To cap it all, we met an English couple , whose church is Holy Trinity Brompton in London. This church is the one which gave the Alpha course to the world, which course has become a major tool for evangelism in the world.

Maria and I took our leave, marvelling at how God had sovereignly opened up yet another door for us to network with other organisations which are operating in Peru.

Just to add that over the last couple of days we have been praying with taxi drivers, a couple of guys selling sunglasses in the street, the son of one of the workers here in our hotel, who had a bad fall ten years ago and was still suffering headaches . As we prayed with this last one, his headaches completely disappeared.Oh yes, for those who were with us on our first mission trip, when we went to Cusco, you may remember us visiting a famous sculptor there, called Medina, who carved the most amazing figures of Christ in his Passion, and who we prayed with at that time, and received the gift of one of his pieces…well we returned to his studio to find he had , alas, died the previous June. But we did meet his daughter and ended up praying with her also. All in a day’s work !!

Praise God, who in his goodness guides us along the right path , as Psalm 23 reminds us !!


Fr Bob


Mission Peru 2010 finishes

May 5, 2010

Anne has tried to send out a blog a few times in the last couple of days, but it has been swallowed up each time by the gremlins. So while she is with the rest of the team in Machu Picchu,I offered to do an update. It won’t be as detailed or as articulate as hers, but here goes anyhow…

Hi there y’all !!

Please forgive the lapse into Texan ! It comes from spending the last few days in the company of a genial co ordinator from Houston who has been arranging the second part of our mission, in Cusco. We arrived here on Saturday, booked into our hotel and tried to aclimatise ourselves to the high altitude. This has caused a number of minor health complaints within the team, not helped by the number of steep hills we have to climb whenver we go out for a walk around town.

On Sunday, we ran at a clinic at a farm/orphanage in Limatumbo, which is two hours outside of Cusco. This set up hasits own clinic with facilities very much better than we found in Huanuco. As a result, the people don’t have so much of a problem with worms and other complaints to do with poor sanitation. But even that situation was inferor to the clinic we ministered to on Monday and Tuesday , whihc had proper consulting rooms, and facilities for making blood and urine tests. The clinic rejoices in the name of La Fuente meaning “The Fountain” . It has own doctor and paediatrician, and is set in a lovely peaceful secluded courtyard . Over tha last three days we must have seen between us some 600 people and a final count over the entire span of the mission should approximate some 1500 people, children and adults, who have received excellent health care for free, from the dedicated group of professionals in our team. It has been a pleasure to be part of this mission, and to provide some spiritual devotion for the team each morning, as well as working as a translator with Gerry and Marion Roussie, who have been manning the Optical Aid sideof things, checking people’s eyes to find the right prescription for a pair of glasses. They have brought along over a thousand pairs of spectacles and the sheer delight on people’s faces when they get their classes and can at last see clearly to read or sew or weave or drive taxis, or just to be able to distinguish things and peopel at a distance, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Gerry and Marion have been very surprised to see how many of the people suffer from serious eye diseases. People also complained of various complaints from being out in the hot sun, so our supply of sunglasses was exhausted by the time the mission ended. With that, and the number of medications we gave out during our clinic hours , or left behind at La Fuente at the end,should mean the suitcases will not be as heavy going back as they were coming in. Each of the health care professionals on the team bring in their own equipment, dental chairs, stethoscopes, drills, eyeglasses, etc. I am so much in admiration at the hard work involved in carrying these cases around from place to place, and I myself am sure that the muscles in my arms now rival those of Arnold Schwarzenegger !!

Today, the rest of the team, apart from myself and Maria , have gone on a sightseeing tour of Cusco and Machu Picchu for two days, and we look forward to hearing all about it when they return. Then, on Friday, we return to Lima and leave from there early on Saturday morning to return to Canada.

Thanks for all the prayer support, which guaranteed that this mission has been very very succesful. For those of you who have been to Peru on mission for us and went to Cusco, you will remember the two Irish pubs there, Paddy’s Bar and Rosy O”Grady’s , well we had a wonderful evening meal at Rosy’s two days ago. Of course , Cusco is the setting where Brian Doerksen wrote one of my most favourite songs ,, so I close with its opening line

“Shoe shine, brighter than the brightest star ”

I look forward to seeing y”all again on Sunday at Mass..


fr bob.

And then there was morning and evening the third day….

April 27, 2010

Day 3 of our time in Huanuco began with an unexpected opportunity to appear on the local tv news network for a couple of interviews, one going out live that very morning, and the other going out at noon. Present for the interviews were myself, Dr Tom Harle and Gerry Roussie, respectively President and Executive Director of Health Teams International, and Maria Palomino , who did the translating for us. It was a great way for us to advertise the mission and explain what we were doing, and why we were doing it = the love of Christ urges us on (2 Cor 5, 14)

Then back to join the rest of the team at the soup kitchen for a full days work, treating upwards of 220 people, ( adults and children). Upstairs while the doctors were ministering and the pharmacists doing their stuff ,we put on a childrens DVD on the life of Jesus, which kept enthralled the large numbers of children up there . Downstairs , there was also a steady supply of people coming for dental or eye treatment. Even a steady downpour did not keep the crowds from coming .

We finished up for the day at 5pm before heading back to the hotel for a rest and a clean up , before attending Mass at the local parish at 7pm. I had the honour of presiding and preaching at the Mass. Then we adjourned to a local pizzeria for a well earned meal and relax.

Each day of this mission is giving us wonderful surprises. As Deacon Allan is fond of saying, Unfold the day, Lord !!

Thanks for all the prayers, folks, keep them coming !!


Fr Bob

Prayer Service For “Becoming the Best Version Of Oneself” Tues 23rd March 2010

March 23, 2010

Paper, pens, candle , lights down

Explain this seminar is somewhat different, but still part of the overall theme of becoming the best version of ourselves we can be. This evening we will focus , as we did in the Higher , Deeper Further seminars on the importance of prayer and scripture  in that endeavour…The second part of the evening, Steve will lead us in a prayer  exercise with scripture , where we will once more be practicing the ancient exercise of lectio divina.  But, to prepare us for that, the first part of the evening will be a strictly prayer session, Someone  mentioned the importance of this element in our feedback from the first lot of seminars , so my role is to faciliate the prayer exchange between you and God. So settle into somewhere comfortable, your own private space, take pen and paper and let us begin

1. Song: I can only imagine”

2. We don’t have to imagine, Jesus is present here with us, where two or three or present , present also in his word…. He wants to speak to us about us and Him, and our relationship to Him. He calls us to listen first , then we can speak to him, the communication from Him to us, is real, from the heart , so must ours be…


Becoming the Best Version of Yourself That You Can Be

March 9, 2010

Lift Jesus Higher

Dream Session

Pierre Hogle February 23, 2010

Dreams are Important

Three main points:

  1. We are not just floating through life. But God has a plan and purpose for our lives.
  • I know well the plans I have for you declares the Lord – Not to harm you but to give you a hope and a future. (Jaremiah 29)
  1. Dreams are key to our happiness and key to building relationships with others.
  • Dreams are the solution to unhappiness that is so evident in the world – even depression
  • Depression is an absence of hope – there is nothing to live for.
  • Without a vision (dream) my people perish. (Hosea ?:?)
  • There is no better way to build relationships than to help someone achieve their dreams.
  • You want to build a better marriage / develop relationship with your kids – find out what their dreams are and help them achieve it.
  • As a church what better way to develop love and community than to hear about the dreams of others and to encourage them to reach for those dreams.

3. Dreams lead us to destiny and revival

  • Our destiny is when our dreams line up with Gods will for our lives. Our destiny is to fulfill our dreams.
  • Revival is when enough people in one place are living and seeing realized their God given dreams.


The Day of the Dreamers! God Wants to Empower the Dreamers in 2010

February 3, 2010

John Belt:
The Day of the Dreamers! God Wants to Empower the Dreamers in 2010
John Belt

God-given dreams carry the seed of Heaven’s glory within them. We should pursue God in such a way that He is able to deposit the dreams hand-tailored for our lives within us. These dreams are key to our lives playing a part, being weaved into the beautiful tapestry of His Kingdom glory being revealed in the earth today.

Empowering Dreamers

God wants to empower the dreamers in 2010. Dreamers are those who many times have been shut down by having been too sensitive to the opinions of others. Sometimes they can pick the wrong friends, who cause the hindrance to the plans that the Lord has for their lives. But God loves dreamers and looks for opportunities to empower them.

Just as Joseph was a dreamer, God took him through a series of events to form character, stability and faith in his life. After several seasons of testing God found a priceless jewel of a heart in the life of Joseph. He found a person who was able to forgive, move on, trust in God and never give up. These are the qualities that God looks for in all of us. God also calls all of us to be dreamers. If we don’t dream our lives are dead. There is no purpose to life without a dream. If you don’t have a dream pursue God until you get one!

Holding On To Your Dreams

Whether big or small any dream has the potential to bring forth a life of faith, for it takes God to fulfill a dream. We should dream beyond the borders of what we can do so that God can be the one to get the glory when it comes to pass. We must hold on to our dreams, never cast them aside. I’ve had many ideas, good ones. But there are those that come from God that never leave. The voice of God calls into our spirit to awaken these dreams so that He may bring us into the promise land of His purposes.

We can never underestimate the potential of a dream and never overestimate the power of our God to fulfill them. We don’t need faith for what is possible, but for what is impossible. If it is impossible then you know you will need someone beyond yourself to fulfill it. This is where our dependency upon God becomes reality. God wants to establish dreamers with confidence in His ability to fulfill the dream. He desires to cause them to come out of their shell to see His greatness and shun the doubt and unbelief of miserable people who are blinded to the truth. Misery loves company and miserable people desire to shut down a dreamer because it makes them feel inferior.

Dreamers have a superior quality because the seed and life of God is in the Heaven birthed dream. God will always provide the tests for the dreamer. But a dream gives hope and hopeless people have a hard time with dreams. Jesus is our hope. He is our dream come true. He is also the beginning of our dreams because all things are made new in Christ. In Him we are new creations where all things have become new. That means that everything is possible with God—all things! There is no dream that is too big for God to fulfill.

“Pie In The Sky”

The blessing is in the heavens with God. We must see it to take hold of it. God gave Joseph a “pie in the sky” dream where everyone was to bow down to him. It was a dream of prosperity where he would be the head and not the tail. He would be the steward and distributor of resources. But God also knew the price Joseph would pay to believe the dream. He knew what he would have to suffer, the rejection he would face from his own family and the prison time he would serve. His own family rejected his dreams telling him he was in pride. Maybe he did have a little pride but so did they. But he had a dream because he had been in touch with God.

God had visited him, giving him an invitation to believe in something that was beyond his own ability to perform. He chose to believe and the tests followed. Then the day of fulfillment came overnight. God is wanting to empower dreamers after His heart that have been through the process of His dealings. Those with dreams should align themselves with the heart of the Lord in such a way that He may bring them into their promised land this year. God is good. As Joseph said, “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.”

Genesis 50:20 But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.

All things are possible for them that believe and nothing is possible for those who don’t.

His peace be yours,

John Belt
Live In His Presence Ministries

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January 10, 2010

by Bill Burns

The following is what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me about what will take place in the Church in 2010. (John 16:13)
The number 5 is God’s number for grace (strength, empowerment and blessing), so ten is the number of double grace. A double portion will be available to God’s people in 2010. Romans 5:2 tells us that “we have access by faith into this grace.” Therefore, every person should establish himself in a position of faith to receive a double portion of God’s grace that is now being released. (more…)


January 10, 2010

“Come up higher!” The first time I remember hearing these words in a prophetic utterance was on August 17, 2004. Mimi Lowe of Toronto, Canada, received this message:

“Yes, the Establisher is here to establish what He wants to establish. He’ll enlarge our spirits to receive all He has for us; higher and higher realms, beyond where we’ve been, and dimensions not yet uncovered. You will come closer to the glory realm; get ready for lift-off, because you are going up. Come on up. You are not high enough. Angels are waiting to receive you—come on, come on, come on.” (more…)

Calgary pictures

November 2, 2009

Here are some pictures of my recent trip with Patrick (Jennings) to Calgary

Fr Bob