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Waupoos Farm

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Message from Father Bob

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January 5, 2017

Dear friend and benefactor,

First and foremost, I wish each and every one of you a joyful and blessed New Year. I also want to thank you for the generous support you continue to give to Lift Jesus Higher. That support has enabled us to continue in our mission for twenty years! It seems hardly possible that we have managed to achieve such longevity. Most of it has seemed like a wild whitewater raft ride, and we have wondered at times whether we will still be around much longer. But God has continued to remind me that he is in charge of the ship (or raft!) and as an octogenarian friend of mine keeps saying “The Lord keeps me going!!.” The Lord has kept us going and here we are, looking forward to celebrating our twentieth year of existence. We are busy arranging special events to mark this milestone, and will soon publish a list of activities to spread throughout the year. But alongside this, our regular schedule of Sunday and Wednesday Masses, Oasis prayer meetings, and bible studies and War Room meetings continue to punctuate our week.

Next month, we will be embarking on our eleventh straight Peru mission. We usually do these in July, but due to severe illness to our organizer, Maria Palomino, we had to postpone going to Peru last summer. However, praise God, Maria has now fully recovered, and so from February 13th – 25th, a team of seven of us will be once more going out to Peru to bring the love of Jesus , along with suitcases packed with shoes, clothes, toys, toiletries, educational material, etc. to the three projects we have taken responsibility for : a shanty community in the heart of Lima; another one in Huanuco, in the Andes, and one up in the mountains several hours outside Lima, in a place called Huangascar. We are planning on holding children and youth camps for the three communities during our mission trip, plus looking at some land Maria owns, where we have plans to build a mission base for future trips.

Since our inception, Lift Jesus Higher has always seen itself as called by God to build bridges with other Christian churches and communities, and this is now part of our overall mission, vision and values. This led us to host two big conferences in past years, called Fire and Fusion, which has spawned several “revival” meetings in the last year and a half, plus monthly gatherings of pastors and leaders from different churches for fellowship, intercession and praise and worship, intended to build relationships between us. I am pleased to see that Pope Francis has led the way in this, by calling together leaders from various Pentecostal, charismatic and evangelical churches for a series of meetings in the last couple of years, with his vision of helping build a “reconciled diversity. It makes us feel we are “on track” with what God wants to do, to unite the Body of Christ, and we are grateful to be a small part of that.

At the same time, we also are focusing on reaching out to our Catholic community in the diocese of Ottawa. Members of Lift Jesus Higher have been very active in helping me as pastor of St Philips and St Clare’s parishes, to facilitate Life in the Spirit seminars, prayer group meetings and bible studies. It is a case of freely giving what we have ourselves freely received.

None of this would be possible without your continued generosity for which, once more, I thank you, and assure you of our continued prayer for you and your family. Here’s to the next 20 years!!

Fr Bob Poole

Photos from Yesterday’s Social

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LJH Sunday Social – August 14, 2016

Photos Sunday Social – July 10, 2016

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F&F prophetic painting

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From our Fire & Fusion Revival Night on April 23, 2016.by Diane Coutu – Prophetic Artist

Community Support – AGM Jan 31, 2016

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Dear friend and benefactor of Lift Jesus Higher

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January 4, 2016

Dear friend and benefactor of Lift Jesus Higher

As I look back on the year, 2015, I am struck by the faithfulness of God. He has kept us going as a community for over 18 years. We recently had a gathering to review our history, and I am amazed at how the Lord has led us into the areas of outreach to the poor, via our annual Peru missions, and outreach to other churches, via our Fire and Fusion ministry. These have been areas highlighted also by Pope Francis, ever since he began his papal ministry.

This year was our 11th annual Peru mission. Since its tentative beginning, back in 2005, this ministry has grown to encompass three ongoing projects in different areas of Peru. We visited each area and brought along with the gospel, shoes, toys, clothes, food and toiletries. This year also we were able to bring 80 children from those different projects to a Camp of Faith and Prayer in Huanuco. They were able to enjoy teaching, ministry, fellowship and regular meals, all within a safe, inviting environment. This coming year we are hoping to bring that experience of a family camp to each of the three areas we are investing into.

When we held our first “Fire and Fusion” conference in August 2014, in an attempt to bring Catholics and Pentecostals and Evangelicals together in a closer unity, we were following through on an impulse given us by the Holy Spirit. Since then, we have branched out into monthly gatherings of pastors and leaders throughout the Ottawa area, for the purposes of praise and worship, fellowship, sharing and ministry. We believe the Spirit is bringing about unity in the Body of Christ, one relationship at a time. This led us to our second “Fire and Fusion” conference held in Ottawa this summer, which introduced us to the ministry of Fr Dimitri Sala, an American Franciscan priest who has been moving and teaching in the area of closer relationships between Catholics and Evangelicals for many years.

His break-through book,”Beyond the Stained Glass Curtain” expertly demonstrates how the teachings of the Catholic and Pentecostal and Evangelical churches on Salvation are virtually identical. We intend to maintain the “Fire and Fusion” momentum this year by continuing our regular pastors and leaders meetings, plus also holding periodic “revival nights”, the first being on Saturday 16th January at 7pm, at Peacetower church, 343 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa.

As well as the Peru mission and the Fire and Fusion initiative, Lift Jesus Higher has continued to sponsor this year the “Ancient Paths” seminars of Family Foundations International, led by Craig Hill, with sessions on “Empowering Relationships”, “Overcoming Anger” and “Biblical Principles of Finances”, which have provided tools for people to break out of their bondages in these areas. The Holy Spirit Healing Clinic, also sponsored by Lift Jesus Higher, continues to open its doors every Monday afternoon to minister healing to people’s brokenness  and each week brings fresh evidence that God is alive and well and continuing to set his people free !!

All these activities, plus our ongoing Sunday Mass and weekly Oasis prayer meeting, are only possible because of your continued prayer and financial support. I want to extend to you my deep appreciation for your generosity to the Lift Jesus Higher community and to ask that you continue to show your support of our ministry. As we move ever closer to our 20th year of existence, as a “Catholic community growing in spirit, truth and love”, I want to assure you of my continued prayers for you and your family, asking that God shower you with every joy and blessing in the year ahead.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr Bob Poole

Director of Lift Jesus Higher

LJH Christmas Social Photos

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LJH Social Aug 16 2015 at the Du Broy’s

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Prophetic Art from Fire and Fusion 2015

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Hi these art the prophetic paintings from Fire and Fusion 

It would be interesting if anyone got a Word from them